Kat Bielobrova


Kat is an Ukrainian artist, designer and illustrator currently based in Istanbul, but often changing locations. She began to take an interest in art from the very childhood, and as a child she was spending hours exploring galleries and exhibitions.


She studied first Graphic Design in Kyiv College of Technology and Design. Since she always was fascinated by theory part of the design, she decided to move to Poznan/ Poland in order to continue education at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities on the Faculty of Design. While compelling her education, Kat has explored and loved silk printing technique as well as developed her skills in painting and illustration. She took part in Malta Festival, Poznan Design Festival, Torino Graphic Days, etc. Her works were recognised by Vogue Poland, Sandu Publishing, Maly Format magazine, etc.

Her works are reflection of posthumanism in modern society, and the speculation of human consciousness and its future.