1. Getting to know bbblob

    An introduction to artist bbblob. 

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  2. Posterzine™ Issue 46 | Marylou Faure

    Featured in our stunning 46th issue of Posterzine Parisian illustrator and artist Marylou Faure who is currently living in London. Over the years, she’s built up a substantial and impressive client list including the likes of Smirnoff, Adidas, Apple, Vice, Spotify, Nokia, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more. Her style is typically characterized by, colorful illustrations playing home to a group of sexy little characters and playful figures.

    Read the exclusive interview with the designer and located on the back page, you can find our ever-supportive partner MOO's insightful contribution diving into important topics about our design industry today. Students - this is a super useful tool! Shop this fabulous issue here along with the other sister issues too.

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  3. New Accessories by Nmarra

    New Accessories by Nmarra
    Department Store began as a mainly print-based store were independent artists and printmakers could sell their beautiful prints with a fair commission rate. Fast forward a few years and we've expanded our collections to a fantastic range of homewares, clothing items, accessories and publications featuring an array of gorgeous graphic design, illustration and hand-crafted goods. To introduce this week is Nmarra, established in 2017 by designer and long-time earring aficionado Jen Stewart.

    Intrigued by the possibilities of working with brass and developing drawings into wearable designs, the experimentation began, and NMARRA came to life. Featuring a collection lightweight, easy to wear brass earrings each set have gold plated hooks or soldered gold plated stud posts and backs to keep your ears comfortable. The physical designs take inspiration from the rich visual language of the natural world, incorporating structures from our built environments and play with forms inspired by folk art and 20th-century design.

    All pieces are designed and hand-finished in the studio in Glasgow, using local suppliers and with component parts sourced from within the UK wherever possible. SHOP THE COLLECTION HERE.
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