Recently, we joined Doriane Millet at Department Store. She is a french artist born in Nancy and based in Marseille. Passionate about narrative images, she works on personal projects of comics, art prints, and wall paintings.


Conceptual, figurative, emotional, her work is at the border of different domains. Between contemporary art, illustration, and interior design.

She takes narrative images out of her books and prints them in limited edition. She likes the idea that everyone can hang an image at home that will tell a story. She cares that her drawings are not only decorative but that they allow reflection and introspection. Her artistic world revolves around the themes of love relationship, feminity, fairy tale, everyday life, and disenchantment, and often comes down to autofiction.


Although dealing with sensitive subjects, Doriane builds her images in a very thoughtful and structured way. She works a lot with vectorial drawing, using Adobe Illustrator software: clear-cut and infinitely adjustable, computer drawing allows her to shape her ideas in a very precise way.

 To print her drawings, she often chooses the technique of risography, which she adores for the random and artisanal touch it gives to her works. She also makes Giclée prints, appreciating the brightness of the pigment inks and the preciousness that this process brings to her images, which, printed on high-quality archival paper, remain unalterable for a very long time.