Kenna Daisy Studio is a one woman freelance illustration and graphic design studio based in Glasgow, Scotland.

"Originally from the Netherlands and having travelled extensively, I take inspiration from different cultures and surroundings and other media such as textiles, anime, music, dreams, reading, and much more. I have a love for drawing colourful abstract shapes and interesting characters".

What is your main practice? Did you study at University? (if so what in ?) 
My main practice is graphic art. I graduated in Fashion & Textiles in 2019 and after that I started my own business. I've been freelance graphic designing for the past two years and I've been loving it so far! From personal projects to small client commissions, I tried out new things to discover myself as an artist. Now, after a lot of different colour schemes and funky shapes, I still continue to discover myself and push myself even further by taking courses and trying out new artboards.
How did you get into digital design? 
One of my best uni friends was a graphic designer and he sparked an interest in me. I always loved watercolours and eventually I took a leap and invested in an iPad and got Procreate. That was a really big help in my creative process.
You have lots of prints, do you have a favourite? 
Good question! So one of my favourite prints is actually one of my tote bags 'Stay Zen'. I created this print with some posca pens in the park on a summer day and loved the outcome.
Do you have favourite themes you like to focus on?
Not really! Right now I'm very focused on creating and developing my abstract style, but that still changes and I just hope it continues to keep on growing
Do you like any other creative method? – if so which ones? 
I've created prints, cards and tote bags, however the past few months I've been rediscovering painting by hand. I create acrylic abstract paintings and I'm always on the lookout for new artboards. One of my newest favourites are old skateboard decks. 
What is your favourite design? Do you have any favourite designers?
A favourite design, I don't have. I appreciate design in many ways and forms, such as fashion design and interior design too, and you can't compare them all, so it's hard to answer that question. My favourite designers include Bas Kosters, Ellen Porteus and two new ones on my radar Nubia Navarro and Nick Barclay.
What inspires your designs, do you have a creative process you go through? If so what steps does this include?
Inspiration usually comes from taking a day off and being surrounded by nature. The sounds of the sea and wind are quite calming and spark me to create when I get back home. For my creative processes I'm usually weirdly meticulous. I start with sketches in sketchbooks and transfer these on my iPad where I develop them further, which I then transfer onto my laptop or a painting. The most important part (and the most fun) is creating a colour palette.
Any advice for anyone that is thinking of starting their own independent brand?
Just go with your gut! And put your stuff out there. Even when you think your stuff is absolute crap - it's gonna get better and you're gonna grow. And also (this is easier said than done, I know) please don't compare yourself to anyone, you're a unique flower and your art is beautiful in its own way. 
Any big plans for the future? Any cool collaborations lined up that we should watch out for?
At the moment I've got some cool skateboard deck commissions going on, so stay tuned for those. In the future I'd like to work together with textile and interior designers and create murals. 

It was so much fun reading all about Kenna Daisy!

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