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People of Print — Pin Badges

Riso Colour Chart Set / Black

Riso Colour Chart Set / Black

Iron On Apple Patch

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Iron on a friendly red juicy apple to your jeans, coat, t-shirt, bags or even patching holes. That lovely cardigan which has a little hole you don't wanna send it to recycle and still wanna have a good snug in it? We know that feeling as we have patched ours too. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple patch a day keeps the recycling man away! 

These patches are embroidered with a mix of strong hues from red for the apple, to metallic silver threads to highlight the leaf and gold metallic thread for the nose and stem outlined in black. 

The patches are made in one of the last few embroidery factories in the UK.

Size: 5.75cm X 5.5cm

Shipping: 1-2 working days

Made in UK

For questions, please don't hesistate to contact quoting your order number.