Moiré totebag

Moiré totebag

Blood Moon tote bag

Blood Moon - organic tote bag

Liquid Planet - organic tote bag

A Liquid Planet screen printed mixing 3 colours on a natural colour organic cotton bag. Only one was printed, using monoprint technique, meaning the way the colour lays on the bag is unique.

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Liquid Planet is hand screen printed on a organic cotton tote bag, with a multicolour planet sitting in the middle of the bag.

Just one Liquid Planet was printed. And it can't be redone the same way. It's using mononprint technique, meaning the way the colours (yellow, pink, orange, blue) mixed together is is totally unique.

The Liquid Planet is part of the series Planets, all monoprints.

The Liquid Planet is a yellow, pink, orange, blue circle printed on a nature colour organic tote bag. The colour are bright and beautfiul.
The design is screen printed on one side and another the other side is a small “Loloprints” logo.

The bag is big enough to fit books, A4 folders, groceries, anything you’d like. 
It can also be folded very small to fit in your handbag. Much better than using a plastic bag.

Material: 100% organic cotton, on Earth Positive tote bag.

Water-based inks.

Colour: natural

Size: 36 cm (width) x 40 cm (height) x 7cm (deep) with long handles.

14 inch (width) x 15 3/4 inch (height) x 2.75 (deep) with long handles.